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Ashtanga Yoga Okinawa is a dedicated practice space for the traditional teaching of the Ashtanga Yoga method. We welcome practicioners from all walks of life and from all corners of the world to join us in practice.

Our classes are taught by Przemek Keppe, a dedicated student and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga. In his daily life, Przemek is a devoted father and passionate photographer.  For years, he has traveled the globe with his family, living a simple life while constantly deepening his practice and understanding of the ancient tradition of Yamas and Niyamas. Currently, he is based in Okinawa, Japan, where he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and passion for Ashtanga Yoga with others.

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Przemek’s journey with yoga began in a humble way. He turned to yoga as a means of relieving pain caused by an injury. Through years of dedicated practice and a non-attached approach, his devotion to and understanding of yoga deepened. This process is ongoing and ever-evolving. In 2003, he began using yoga as therapy and later as a means of preventing recurring injuries. As he continued to practice, he started to notice deeper changes happening to him beyond the mat. He realized that yoga was more than just stretching and found that whenever he stepped out of practice, something was missing, and an imbalance became more noticeable.

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At Ashtanga Yoga Okinawa, we are dedicated to teaching yoga in a traditional way. Each practitioner is assigned a personal practice that follows the traditional Ashtanga Yoga system. Our classes include a dynamic practice of asanas, which involve deep concentration and a meditative state. Additionally, you will learn about Kriyas, Pranayama, contemplation and the philosophy of yoga. The goal is to deepen your understanding of all aspects of yoga and how to apply them in your daily life. Yoga is not just a physical practice, but a philosophy and a way of life. Whether you are a believer in yoga or not, you will reap the benefits of this practice.

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Przemek’s teachings are rooted in years of experience and the guidance of exceptional teachers. He has had the opportunity to study with remarkable yogis and spent 16 years in search of his spiritual teacher. He has spent a considerable amount of time in India, where he continues to deepen his personal practice of all the limbs of yoga.


“Sadhana is like a seed and siddhis are like flowers. If you want a seed to germinate, you have to leave it in the soil. If you dig it up to show your friends and neighbors how it is progressing, it will not grow any further, it will die.”

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

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Przemek is a humble student of Sharmila Desai and is deeply grateful for the teachings and wisdom she has imparted on his yoga journey.

ashtanga yoga okinawa | varanasi | boys