shala notes

The primary purpose of our practice space is to deepen our sadhana, spiritual practice, through concentration, self observation and compassion. It is an environment in which we quiet ourselves to cultivate both the internal and external limbs of an age old tradition.


Slowing Down

  • Hatha yoga is practiced for purification, concentration and liberation
  • slowing down encourages this process and soothes the nerves
  • everyone has taken time, resources and sacrifices to be here
  • please don’t rush when you practice in particular towards the end during your finishing postures
  • allow for the therapeutic and meditative aspects of the experience to spring forth


Once a month, we are gathering together after joined practice to study Yoga Sadhana:

  • foundational yoga philosophy
  • breath, asana alignment, vinyasa, bandhas and drishti
  • time to answer anything that might come up for you that is not answered already by your practice

This is a complementary meeting and is crucial to your asana practice. It is more beneficial for you to attend the Satsang, than the led class.

Parents are welcome to come to the Satsang with their beloved ones.

During the Satsang we will share a vegan chai and halva. Lets try to be environmentally friendly and bring a cup along.

In order to accommodate everyone, this meeting takes place in the corridor next to the Auditorium.


Practicing Space

  • respect that the space is intended for quiet
  • be conscious of the noise you create while cleaning or with your personal belongings
  • clean after yourselves
  • refrain from bringing phones into the practice room, if you have to bring one make sure it won’t disturb others
  • personal belongings are meant to be stored on the shelves by the entrance, or in the lockers
  • during winter have a scarf with you, or a blanket to prevent rapid temperature loss in Shavasana
  • wash your yoga rug and mat


Please observe your monthly holiday and take rest during your first two to three days of heaviest menstruation. On the other days if you come to practice do not do the reverse asanas (closing series).

Ladies holiday is a time for introspection and paying special attention to your subtle energies. Respecting the downward flow of Apana vaayu that is dominant in the body at this time is essential to the practice of yoga for women.


Practice Attire

  • practitioners from all stages of life including families, families to be, young, elderly and those from the local community are welcome. Therefore please wear respectful attire accordingly when coming to the practice
  • if you are unsure about what to wear please feel free to ask

Opening Hours

Open:  Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 10:00 am

Closed: On moon days and official holidays


Moon days

New and full moons are observed and the dates are always displayed in the calendar.


Signing to Classes and Attendance:

Fill up the doodle poll with the intended day and time of practice.

  • when you cannot attend the class or need to change time or day, please update the doodle with your previous entry
  • it is advised to have a steady schedule, nevertheless if from any reason you cannot attend on the previously planed slot. Try to come on a different day or time
  • always arrive 10 minutes before your class starts and allow your body and mind to slow down before you begin
  • In case there is no space to practice inside, please wait outside the practice room
  • doodle is sent out individually to each practitioner who is currently studying at Ashtanga Yoga Okinawa. Please refrain from sharing it with others
  • fill up the doodle before the new months starts
  • if you need to start your practice earlier, you are welcome to do so

If anyone is concerned about her/his safety for any reason please reach out to me. Together we will find a solution.


Shala Fees

  • bring with you to your first day of class
  • bring fees in an envelope with your name and amount written on it and place it in a silver box by the entrance

Monthly studying fee is 10 000 Yen.

Month starts and end according to the Gregorian calendar.

One time entry fee is 2000 Yen.