shala notes

The primary goal of our practice space is to deepen our Sadhana, the spiritual practice, through concentration, self-observation, and compassion. It is an environment where we can quiet ourselves to cultivate both the internal and external limbs of an ancient tradition.


Slowing Down:

  • Hatha Yoga is practiced for purification, concentration, and liberation. Slowing down promotes this process and calms the nerves.
  • Everyone has taken time, resources, and made sacrifices to be here, so please respect that by not rushing during your practice, especially during the finishing postures.
  • Allow the therapeutic and meditative aspects of the experience to emerge.

Attending the Practice:

  • The time of your practice in Mysore classes is flexible. If you need to start earlier than 7:30am on any day, feel free to do so.
  • On the last Sunday of the month, we meet for a led class followed by a talk on Sadhana.

If you have any concerns about your safety, please reach out and we will find a solution together.


Opening Hours:

  • Open: Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00am to 10:00am, with the opening chant starting at 7:30am.
  • Classes are Mysore style, with each student practicing what was assigned by the teacher.

During Satsang, we study Yoga Sadhana, including:

  • Foundational Yoga philosophy
  • Breath, asana alignment, vinyasa, bandhas, and drishti
  • Time to answer any questions not addressed by your practice.

Moon Days:

  • New and full moons are observed and the dates are displayed. During moon days, we gather for a joint Pranayama practice followed by a guided meditation.


  • Books are available for all students to deepen their understanding of Yoga. You can borrow one book for two weeks and then return it for at least one week. If the book is available, you can borrow it again. Fill out the registry form when taking a book home.


  • Please observe your monthly holiday and take rest during the first two to three days of your heaviest menstruation.
  • Ladies holiday is a time for introspection and paying special attention to your subtle energies. Respecting the downward flow of Apana Vayu, which is dominant in the body at this time, is essential for women’s Yoga practice.

Practice Attire:

  • Practitioners of all ages, families, young, elderly, and local community members are welcome. Please wear appropriate attire when attending practice.
  • If you’re unsure about what to wear, feel free to ask.

Practice Space:

  • Please respect the space’s intended quietness.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Refrain from bringing phones, smartwatches and other electronics into the practice room.
  • Personal belongings should be stored on the shelves by the entrance or in the lockers.
  • Have a scarf or blanket to prevent rapid temperature loss during your rest time.
  • Wash your yoga rug and mat frequently.

Shala Fees:

  • Bring your monthly fee to the first class of each month.
  • Fees should be placed in an envelope with your name in a silver box by the entrance.
  • The month starts and ends according to the Gregorian calendar.

Monthly studying fee is 10 000 ¥ or 100 $

Student / discounted studying fee is 7 000 ¥ / 70 $

One time entry fee is 2 000 ¥ / 20 $

Student / discounted fee is 1 500 ¥ / 15 $



OIST Village Center / Ocean View Room

Entry code 431107*