Ashtanga Yoga Mysore programme

Experience the benefits of Ashtanga Yoga with our Mysore program in Okinawa. No prior yoga experience is required to participate. Our classes are self-practice based, guided by a teacher who will create a personalized practice for each student based on their history and predispositions. We welcome practitioners of all ages and backgrounds, including families, young adults, seniors, and members of the local community. Please note that during the three strongest days of your menstrual cycle, there will be no practice. On moon days, we will meet for an extensive Pranayama session and guided meditation. The last Sunday of each month, we will have a led class followed by a talk on Yoga Sadhana.


Apply to Studyashtanga yoga okinawa | namaste

Before applying, please take a moment to read about Ashtanga Yoga to ensure it aligns with your goals. If it resonates with you, please send an email to with your practice background, past/current teacher, and reason for wanting to practice yoga. The minimum study period for new students is one month.


Opening Hours

Working days, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00am – 10:00am



Ocean view room in Tancha, Okinawa. The details will be shared with you, once your application is accepted.