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Ashtanga Yoga practicioner

Day to day student and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, devoted to the traditional teachings of this method. It took me over a decade and a half before I found my path and the right teacher to whom I devoted sadhana. Yoga it’s a philosophy and a lifestyle.  In my daily life I am a loving father, passionate photographer and a plant-based cook. Since years I am traveling with my family, living simple life and constantly deepening our practice and understanding of Yamas and Niyamas. The present moment is now, in Okinawa, Japan where I teach at Ashtanga Yoga Okinawa.

The beginnings

My beginnings aren’t in anyway extraordinary, on a contrary. I have reached out to yoga cause I had to and my further practice was out of my pure self-interest. Devotion and de attachment came years later. The journey with Yoga started in the year 2003, applying yoga as a therapy and later on as a prevention from often occurring snowboard injuries. Soon, I experienced deeper changes happening to me outside the mat, a subtle change. I started realizing that there is so much more to Yoga than just stretching. Whenever I stopped practicing, there was something missing and again my life was getting imbalanced.


My intention and goal is to teach Ashtanga Yoga in a traditional way. A dynamic and demanding practice of Asanas (positions), involving deep concentration and meditation. With emphasis on all the aspects of Yoga and how to apply them off the mat. To me Yoga is a philosophy and a lifestyle, not merely a gymnastic. Whether you believe in Yoga or not, you will profit from it’s practice.

The teachings

The teachings I offer come from years of experience with wonderful teachers. The amazing yogis I had a possibility to study with. It took me 16 years to find my Guru, during which I have often stayed in India. There I continuously deepen my internal personal practice of all the limbs of Yoga.

Guru is a person that leads you out of the darkness, into the light


I am a humble student of Sharmila Desai, to whom I am sincerely grateful for sharing this path with me.

“Sadhana is like a seed and siddhis are like flowers. If you want a seed to germinate you have to leave it in the soil. If you dig it up to show your friend and neighbors how it is progressing, it will not grow any further, it will die.”


Hatha Yoga Pradipika